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Lowell A. Moe

(1916 - 2003) During World War II Lowell Moe was associated with the Army Air Force Aircraft Radio Laboratory Headquarters at Wright Field in Ohio, where he was the inventor and co-inventor of inventions relating to microwave radar and the sonic blind landing altimeter for military aircraft. He was one of twelve members of the "Radar Pool" which was largely responsible for the successful development and application of microwave, high power radar.

Most of his inventions relate to electronic measuring and control apparatus used in the food processing and grain handling industries. In 1946 he founded American Engineering Company, a diversified electronics company, which was acquired by the Peavey Company in 1956. Moe then began a long career as Director of Electronics Research, and developed many products, including the Piped Piper, an ultra-sonic device for repelling rodents and other pests from food and grain storage areas. He considers his inventions dealing with the generation of this unique type of ultra-sound for the control of rodent and insect infestation a significant contribution for the good of Minnesota and the world at large. He was awarded more than 70 U.S. and foreign patents.

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